The Nervazhi project is implemented in the State to rejuvenate and modernize the probation system in Kerala. It aims for better and regular identification of offenders eligible for probation, to undertake comprehensive investigation reports to ascertain whether they are amenable to correction, to provide necessary psychological treatment when necessary, and to ensure effective supervision to enhance the likelihood that the probationers will be integrated back into society. Through this process of increased application of probation, the project aims to reduce recidivism, reintegrate the offenders back into mainstream society, to reduce overcrowding in prisons and to increase the efficiency of the criminal justice system.

The objective is to reform the offender by allowing him to reintegrate with his family and reduce the social stigma always attached to an offender's family.

Beneficiary Target group

1. Offenders between age group 18 and 21 who have not committed serious offences

2. Under Trial prisoners

3. Remand prisoners

4. Young offenders released on bail.

5. First accused between 18 to 25 years

6. Ex-prisoners and family

7. Borstal school residents and family members

8. Children of prisoners

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