Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme

An affordable health insurance scheme for Persons with Disabilities covering under National Trust Act 1999. Through this scheme the beneficiaries can avail an insurance coverage up to 1 lakh and it would be renewed every year. Facility for OPD treatment including the medicines, pathology, diagnostic tests etc., regular medical checkup for non – ailing disabled, Dental preventive dentistry, surgery to prevent further aggravation of disability, non – surgical/hospitalization, corrective surgeries for existing disability, ongoing  therapies to reduce the impact of disability related complications , alternative medicine. To enroll in this scheme the beneficiary should pay an amount of Rs.500/- (for APL categories) and Rs.250/- (for BPL categories) as premium amount. For renewing this premium they should pay an amount of  Rs.250/- and Rs.50/- respectively.

The Government of Kerala discussed this matter seriously and decided to pay their premium amount for enrolling and renewal of Niramaya Insurance Scheme. Through the Department of Social Justice, the State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) and Local Level Committees (LLCs)  collect applications from  Schools, Anganwadis, Kudumbasree, etc and  enrol the applicants and renewal is done using the fund given by the State Government. 

Target Group

Differently Abled
Beneficiary Details


Application Forms Niramaya Health Insurance Enrollment form
Application Forms Niramaya health insurance- Application for Renewal
Application Forms Niramaya Health Insurance Claim form