Implementation of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007

Maintenance and Welfare of  Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 was enforced in the States/Union Territories by the date of 24.09.2008. According to this Kerala government formed Rules, in exercise the powers conferred by section 32 of the Maintenance and Welfare of  Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 and it  came into force by the G.O (P) No.38/2009/SWD dt.28.08.2009 called The ‘Kerala Maintenance and Welfare of  Parents and Senior Citizens Rules, 2009.

By the Government order G.O(P).No.32/2009/SWD dt.17.08.2009 the Kerala Government constituted Maintenance Tribunals for each sub division and appointed Revenue Divisional Officers as Presiding Officers by the Section 7 of the Act and by the G.O(P).No.32/2009/SWD dt.17.08.2009 Government constituted Appellate Tribunals for each Districts and appointed Collectors as the presiding Officers and by the G.O(P).No.34/2009/SWD dt.17.08.2009 the Government designated The District Social Justice Officers as Maintenance Officers. According to above orders 27 Maintenance Tribunals and 14 Appellate Tribunals are working now in the State and also 14 Maintenance Officers are working under the Law.

Appointing Technical Assistants in the Tribunals

Under the Section 21(iii) of the Law , for the  effective coordination between the services provided by the concerned Ministries or Departments dealing with law, home affairs, health and welfare, to address the issues relating to the welfare of the senior citizens and periodical review of the same the Social Justice Department of Kerala implemented a new Project by appointing Technical Assistants on contract basis to assist the Revenue Divisional Officers and for the co-ordination between services with various departments relating  to the Act.2007 since 2017-18 financial year. Now 27 Technical Assistants were appointed in 27 Maintenance Tribunals in the State.

After appointing the Technical Assistants in the Tribunals the functions of the Maintenance Tribunals became more effective and decision making is now very fast. The Technical Assistants assist the Tribunal for registering cases, take enquiries on the cases and making arrangements of Hearing and Adalath procedures. Moreover, the Technical Assistants conduct awareness camps with the financial help of social Justice Department for the public to make them aware about the Law and rules.

Target Group

Senior Citizen
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