Athijeevanam- Comprehensive Scheme for mainstreaming of PwDs

Social Justice Department being the nodal agency entrusted for empowerment of marginalised groups including Persons with Disabilities, has been implementing various welfare schemes for strengthening and rehabilitating such target population. The RPWD Act, 2016 mandates the States to undertake services and programmes for providing right based services to PWDs, particularly in the area of health, education, social security, recreation, skill development etc.

Persons with disabilities face several challenges when looking to develop employable skills and in gaining employment. Their need for meaningful employment largely remains unmet. Though some efforts were made for the mainstreaming of PWDs by providing empowerment through skill development, there requires to be more focused and coordinated action plan for effective skilling and mainstreaming of PWDs with intellectual disabilities through skilling and vocational training.

In this circumstance Social Justice Department has planned a project “Athijeevanam” which is an umbrella scheme for the development and rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.

Aims & Objectives

(1) Strengthen the role of Voluntary Organizations in effective implementation of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act 2016.

(2) Implementation of Individual Care Plan (ICP) based welfare measures through NGOs/Voluntary organizations/LSGs.

(3) To encourage and promote voluntary organizations who are actively involved in activities for mainstreaming, rehabilitation & protection of rights of Persons with disabilities through skill development and vocational training.

(4) Provide unified and integrated services to persons with disabilities.

(5) Ensure Community based rehabilitation for PWDs.

Model Projects

(a) Vocational Training Centre for PWDs.

(b) Day care centres for PWDs.

(c) Empowerment of PwDs through ICT based training.

(d) Assisted Living Projects for support and rehabilitation of Adult mentally challenged persons.

(e) Other innovative projects for the skilling and main streaming of PWDs.

Target Group

Differently Abled
Beneficiary Details


GOs Athijeevanam- Comprehensive Scheme for mainstreaming of PwDs