Educational assistance to children of prisoners (pursuing professional course)

When an individual gets convicted and  punished under any crime it's not only the person who suffers, the one who suffers the most are their children. They get deprived of all their rights; they face lack of opportunity for education and financial crisis. In order to help such children in distress, Social Justice Department has devised a scheme which provides educational assistance to children of prisoners upto degree level courses as per G.O (Rt) No. 322/2014/SJD dated 08-05-2014.

            When compared to the present educational standards, the assistance provided to children pursuing degree level professional courses in Government / Aided colleges is inadequate. Considering the different types of fee structure for professional courses, State Govt. has fixed the assistance amount for children of prisoners to Rs. 100,000/- (per student) including Annual fees & hostel fees.   

Selected courses for educational assistance

Educational assistance is being provided for Degree level professional courses in Government/ Aided colleges inside Kerala. For courses like MBBS, B.VSc assistance will be provided only if the children are studying in Government colleges.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must belong to BPL category.

  • The applicant must be the child of a prisoner sentenced for life imprisonment or serving death row.

  • Those applicants who have been admitted to courses through merit seat are eligible for assistance.

  • Applicant must have secured 70 % or above marks in Higher secondary level exams.

  • Assistance will be given to more than one child belonging to a single family.

How to Apply

  1. The applications have to be submitted through Jail Superintendents.

  2. Submit a copy of Ration card

  3. Applicant must submit the Course certificate along with particulars including Annual college fees, Hostel fee, College bank account number with IFSC code, etc.

  4. If the Name of the convict’s child has not been included in Ration card, then the applicant has to submit Village officer’s declaration statement specifying that the applicant is the daughter/son of the convict.

  5. In case both mother and father are convicts and the child is being looked after by a relative who belongs to APL category then the application can only be considered based on the enquiry report submitted by the Probation Officer.

Target Group

Social Defence
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