Scheme of Widow Remarriage - Mangalya

In Kerala women not only outnumber men, but also outlive them. So the marital status of women in Kerala is very important. It could influence the overall level of care and support they receive from their family and society. Statistics shows that only 3.5 percent of the total male population in Kerala is widowers and the proportion of the widowed female population is 11.56 percent. This gender gap adversely affects women in every sphere of her life.

It is in this context, the Government of Kerala envisages the scheme called Mangalaya to encourage widow remarriage. The scheme imparts financial assistance for the widows / divorced to remarry.  


Women belonging to the age group of 18 – 50 yrs who are legally divorced and widowed.   


Financial Assistance of Rs. 25,000/- is provided for eligible widows and divorced women.

Eligibility criteria

Remarriage certificate (remarriage taken place before the respective registrar) should be produced.  

How to Avail

Application should be forwarded to Directorate of Social Justice through the respective child development project offices.

The following particulars should be attached to the application form.

   1. Proof of first marriage.
   2. Death certificate of first husband.
   3. Legal document of divorce.
   4. Proof of BPL category.
   5. Proof of age in the form of school leaving certificate or certificate        issued by competent authority.
   6. Proof of Remarriage Certificate.    


Target Group

Beneficiary Details


Application Forms Scheme of Widow Remarriage - Mangalya
GOs Mangalya Scheme of Widow Remarriage