Self-employment scheme for dependents of prisoners

The scheme is intended to rehabilitate the dependents of the indigent convicts. It aims to assist/encourage resourceless wives, unemployed and unmarried sons, daughters etc.Major children if they are students and women having children are included in this scheme. Able bodied single women will not be included in this scheme.

The maximum amount of financial assistance to a family will be Rs. 15,000 at a time. This is a loan-linked scheme.

30% of loan subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- will be given as subsidy from the Government for the loan they avail from Banks, Kerala State Women’s Developemnt Corporation, Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation, Kerala State Development Corporation for SCs/STs etc.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Families of such convicts who had undergone imprisonment for a period of 7 years or above are eligible for financial assistance.

  • The families are eligible for the assistance only during the period of imprisonment of the convict.

  • The total family income of the convict should not exceed Rs. 24,000/- a year

  • The dependants of the convict who have crime records other than the under going one are not eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

  • Financial assistance shall be given only once for the dependents of a prisoner for the purpose.

  • The financial assistance will be provided to those eligible persons who have not availed the amount for the same purpose previously.

How to Avail

The application for starting self employment should accompany the details of the project to be started with the financial assistance and a recommendation letter by the concerned ward members/councilor

Financial assistance for the purpose will be sanctioned only for the viable projects. Since the amount is given as subsidy, the beneficiary has to avail a bank laon for the proposed project first and produce sanction letter from bank to avail the subsidy amount as per the scheme.

After assessing the amount required, the District Probation Officers concerned shall communicate it to the Director of Social Justice. The amount will be distributed in the form of Demand Draft by the concerned District Probation Officers.

Target Group

Social Defence
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