Marriage Assistance to daughters of prisoners

When a person commits a crime and gets sentenced for imprisonment, his family is vulnerable to financial instability, poverty, debt and potential housing disruption. They often get stigmatized and marginalized in the society following the incarceration of a family member. Due to the poor financial conditions the family members find it difficult to ensure proper education for their children and marry off their daughters. Social Justice Department has been implementing various Probation and Aftercare schemes for the upliftment of such target population.

Department of Social Justice has implemented a noble initiative which provides financial assistance for the marriage of the daughters of those who have been undergoing imprisonment for more than 2 years. The maximum amount of financial assistance will be Rs. 30,000/- per person, during the first phase of the scheme as many as 20 such families will be given assistance.

Eligibility criteria:-

(1) Either the father or the mother should be undergoing imprisonment for more than two years.

(2) The applicant must belong to BPL category.

(3) The assistance can be sought after six months of marriage and within one year.

(4) Copy of Ration card has to be submitted along with the application form.

(5) Attested copy of Marriage certificate.

(6) Declaration from Ward member/Councillor showing that the couple is residing together in the given place of address.

(7) The assistance will be offered to a maximum of two women from a family.

Financial assistance will be handed over to the father, mother or daughter based on the report submitted by the District Probation Officer. The amount will be transferred to the respective person’s bank account. The duly filled application form along with supporting documents has to be submitted through the concerned Jail Superintendents / Probation Officers.

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Social Defence
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